A Chef Reviews Crowd Funded Kitchen Gadgets

The kitchen gadgets up for review in today’s episode have a slightly unique spin! They were all up for crowd funding! So expect some wacky, weird and wonderful inventions. It’ll be interesting to see what you think. Don’t forget to comment below! Useless or not…

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  1. I was cooking from the Packs App for the first time a couple days ago. As the curry simmered I calmly began cleaning the kitchen. I have NEVER calmly done anything while cooking, certainly not clean! I typically just stare at pots in panic waiting to see what I screw up, how did you fix me? My lovely Sorted Chefs are MAGIC! And it was delicious. Thank you for the amazing cooking help, can’t wait to make another recipe!

  2. The way they are trying so hard not to laugh at these miserable items (last one is a great idea, but the pricetag is outlandish) makes my day… Never back anything on KS – lesson learned!

  3. You guys missed the whole point of this product. You're supposed to use it for food prep for the week. So each container has several days worth of each item. So on Saturday, you fill up the bins and on Monday you dish out each ingredient as you need it. Monday's dinner is now tossing a few things together and cooking them right away.

  4. £40 for the knife fork spoon set ? I just use surplus German army KFS set stamped 1967 that cost me a fiver, new modern sets are much lighter/thinner gauge stainless and can be had for had new for the less than £5 price delivered off fleabay. Just search KFS set [nato version includes a can opener], or search your preffered chinese retail website.

  5. Late to the party but confirmed Scottish heretic. Tea is only ever made with boiling water, for coffee the water needs to be off the boil for a minute or so. Don't need a gadget for that, it's easier to just do it right. Definitely no need for a gadget.
    Prepdeck? Feck off. I'm a reasonable cook, not a chef, but even I chop things in the order they're going in to the pan. Occasionally slightly hurried when I realise I've left something a smidge late but less mise en place than seat of the pants.

  6. Hard pass on the Qi and the prep deck. Tea isn’t hard to make and I’m with James on the deck thing, more mess more dishes. The cutlery is a pass too. The only place I’d need my own cutlery is camping and I have a set of regular ol stuff that goes with us every time.

  7. Blimey! How hard is it to make a cup of tea to suit you? It's not rocket science. The best cup will always be in a teapot and using tea leaves not tea bags. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. You don't need technology to help you make a cup of tea.

  8. I like the prep deck. They were supposed to use the chopping board that came with it and slide the scraps in that little hole. If you’re one to pre-measure your ingredients, it’s way better than having a bunch of little bowls everywhere.

  9. The prep thing would be nice if you were going somewhere else to cook. Do all the prep at home and bring it all to your significant other's place and cook a meal. Take the stuff home leave no mess.

  10. That caddy thing would be great for storing the ingredients, if you prepare them in advance. Otherwise, it's not very helpful, at all, unless you're cooking outside. It could work well, for that, as well.

  11. Well, why in the world did he use his own cutting board? You can't give a chef a product like this … it throws them off their trained minds. For a home-cook like me, this is going to help immensely.

  12. I think PREPDECK: MEAL PREP SYSTEM helps people who cook or prepare the meal ingredients, for the whole week. It's popular these days if you watch Korean cooking videos you'll find they have garlic cubes stored in the fridge with chopped vegetables. It's cheap, efficient, and healthy, if you do it this way.

  13. No james boiling water doesnt burn tea boiling water is preferred by tea tasters. Coffee can be scorched with boiling water the perfect temp for coffee is 97°C according to Gale from breaking bad lol.

  14. Most of these are way underdesigned and way overpriced.

    I hope they cleaned the portable cutlery very well since a lot of Chinese-made items like that are coated in non food-safe rust preventatives.

  15. The prepdeck is a genuine disgrace. There's some old saying about a fool and their money… It's not particularly good at the job it's doing and even if it was…. More than £200 is a fucking con and a half. Even at a quarter of the price it would be pushing it.

    Fucking £200 for some Tupperware. Christ.

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