$800 FULL Gaming Setup (PC, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Headset)

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DELTA RGB 3600 8G*2 white

Looking for a gaming setup that features a gaming pc, monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset, and can play games at 1080p 60FPS without any problems? Well, today we bring you just that!

-Computer- Affiliate Links
Aliexpress Combo E5 1620 V2, 16gb Ram, Mobo –
R9 390 – –
Silicon Power 512GB SSD-
Thermaltake Smart 500w –
Montech X1 RGB Case –

-Setup- Affiliate Links
Sceptre IPS 1080p 75Hz –
Redragon K552 –
Titled Nation Deadshot – –
Corsair HS60 –
RGB Mousemat –

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  1. how do u build this pc can you make a video a tutorial pls. i want to get a pc but i don’t have much money and for the whole setup it’s 800 and that’s how much i was gonna pay for a pc just the pc, but i might as well do this one, pls do a tutorial it would help me and a lot of other people too. thanks !

  2. I just bought a Rk61 but it was a version that’s a littlebit older but i did’nt know that so i don’t have rgb. I can just have Cyan/light blue but i like that color so i don’t really mind

  3. Im building a pc set up, so far i only just built my desk and finished it…im being gifted a watercooled pc soon so i dont have to worry about that im just looking for a 144hz monitor and one that 75hz, a new headset, a stand mic, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, and monitor mount

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