Some video game mysteries are not easily solved. Here are some crazy examples from Undertale to Pokemon.
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  1. I am having a hard time remembering the town name, but in pokemon (red?) there was a casino and there were a set of keys on one of the slot machines. I was told those were the keys to the truck to move it. I spent hours trying to figure that puzzle out to no end.

  2. 616 is the true mark of the beast but translation errors by pedophile priests should be the least of our concerns in this day and age.

    "Innovative enough to put a station in space but we still praise the pages of a ancient publication, considered great, in the motherfuckin middle ages." – Andrew Jackson

  3. Where is Raxxla? Originally introduced in 1984 in the Elite video game and continues to be an unknown in the subsequent games in the series, including its most recent release – Elite Dangerous.

  4. I hate when people say the Chiliad Mystery in GTA 5 is solved they wouldn't add tattoos of the mural and put the mural in next gen when it comes out if it's solved the reason is the mystery is beating the story 3 times with each character in mind after 2 or 3 playthroughs things start to change parts of the missions there's a reason the Chiliad UFO isn't solid!

  5. You should do another video like this, except do it about solved mysteries because I'm way too curious now about these unsolved ones so I'd like to hear what happened with the previous unsolved ones that got solved

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