6 Gadgets Under $15 to Make Life Easier – Tested and Ranked!

Today I test out six items under $15 to make your life easier! Keep in mind prices can vary on Amazon, but they were all under $15 as of August 2020!

Purchase links (Amazon):
• Burger Holder:
• Lock Laces:
• Soap Sheets:
• Handle Cover:
• Sunglasses Organizer:
• Jot:

MY GEAR (Amazon)
• Main Camera:
• Main Lens:
• 2nd Camera:
• Lapel Mic:
• Audio Recorder:
• Some of my top picks on Amazon:

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  1. More unnecessary crap! Well, thanks for the reviews so I know what not to buy.

    That burger holder is the most ridiculous and expensive piece of plastic your money can buy! And the shoelace lock…just another way to make your kids even more stupid.

    Thanks for the video!

  2. As an alternative to the Coleman soap sheets if people need a way of get clean I do have a recommendation. They are called Scrubzz Disposable NO Rinse Bathing Wipes. These are good for getting you clean if you don't have access to a shower like if you are camping or whatever. I'm disabled and cannot use a shower anymore. These are great. They take a teeny bit of water and you get a ton of suds. The wipes are pretty big and you can clean your whole body with one wipe. They are TSA friendly and best part you don't need to rinse off the suds. Just thought I'd share. They are $8 for a pack of 25 on Amazon

  3. I have replaced shoelaces with 1/8" shock cord for years. Install the cord, adjusting as you go, tie it in a granny knot and bow, then tie the loops in a granny knot and pull snug. Done. You can take your shoes off and put them on just by pulling the tongue of the shoe upwards a bit, as the "laces" will stretch to allow that. Shock cord also come in a huge variety of colors!

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