5 Ice Cream Gadgets Improved By Design Expert | Well Equipped | Epicurious

Design and usability guru Dan Formosa is back to evaluate and improve upon 5 gadgets made for serving ice cream. Watch as he puts each through the gauntlet, weighing in on what works, what doesn’t, and how he’d make each gadget better. Ready for the inside scoop? It’s right here, on Well Equipped.

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5 Ice Cream Gadgets Improved By Design Expert | Well Equipped | Epicurious


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  1. I think in the first equipment, you could use the top handle to press up and down and create a vaccum to trap/loosen the icecream. There should be instructions with every equipment so that he knows how to correctly evaluate it's performance.

  2. i see the ice cream sandwich stuff as really hard to mess up when designing, just make a cool looking ice cream sandwich shape and bam push it down that's your sandwich now give yourself diabetes

  3. Im confused

    For the icecream sandwich make if it took the normal way (1: 08) but the tool (00: 31) seconds why would the 31 seconds be in red, that means it took you less time then the normal way

  4. I have an ice crear scooper witch is a bit like the last one. The handle has plastic on it, and instead of opening like that one mine just has little metal scraper. So whenever you press on the handle it will scrape the ice cream of the ice cream scooper.

  5. Who is really having so much trouble using a regular ice cream scoop? They even make the ones with the little arm that releases the scoop if you’re an idiot who can’t figure out that a little tap will make the scoop fall out. Also regular ice cream scoops are the best way to make perfectly round or curled ribbon ice cream scoop

  6. these are 2x too long. too much filler. we know the flow, you have a million of these. "and now we're going to do the left ha—-" YES WE KNOW! dont need to see him oil his hands or any of this nonsense. quit wasting my time

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