5 Amazing Gadgets Under $50 ◆ Part 3

All the gadgets in today’s video will have one thing in common! They’re all completely affordable and under $50 each! Choose which one of these 5 affordable new gadgets is your personal favorite and share it down below in the comment section!

Looking for more details about each of the affordable gadgets seen in this video? Check the links below for more info!
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0:07 – FEBO – – A nifty gadget that utilizes the power of solar rays to engrave various materials such as wood and leather.
1:52 – VaultCard – – A compact card-style solution for preventing RFID breaches of your credit and debits cards.
5:04 – QCoo – – A 21st century smart gaming dice that lets you interact with augmented reality with your friends.
6:35 – QIUB – – A Swiss Army Knife power pack that features data storage and durable cables.
8:22 – VOLT – – An awesome eco-friendly e-lighter that charges via USB connection.

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  1. I tried to find the cube and could not find it. To bad these commercials do not give you the name of the product for at least 15 seconds. How else can we fund something we would like to invest in without a big, bold this is the name letters. I'm not saying I would be looking to fund the cube but if I liked the product well enough I would look at up and coming products on youtube. I would love to have the name of the product so I could do some research.

  2. rfid skimming application/////  but but but the governments said that was impossible!!!!! if you can read rfids wtf are they in passports….. just another fking scam to take our tax monies?

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