2018 Ford Focus Sedan – Ford's Big Mistake?

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What was once one of the best-selling models for #Ford, the 3rd-generation #Focus was easily one of the hottest compact cars you could buy nearly 10 years ago. Compared with Japanese rivals back then, the #FordFocus was more powerful, more stylish, more technologically advanced, and more desirable. Unfortunately, the car segment in America has been shrinking due to SUV’s and Ford has decided to not bring the next generation Focus to America. Was it a big mistake for them to do so?


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  1. I own a 2018 SEL hatch. My biggest regret is that Ford didn't offer a manual transmission option with this trim (common Ford!). The problem with dual-clutch transmissions is that it attempts to anticipate your next gear based on whether you're accelerating or decelerating. If you try to quickly transition from deceleration to acceleration you're going to find yourself in the wrong gear. It takes some getting used to but I've learned to live with it. I'm more concerned with long term reliability. Ford says they've worked out the kinks. I guess I'll find out. You should also mention that the 5 speed is only available with the ST and RS versions. It's still better looking than that fugly Civic. P.S. I'm averaging 36.3 mpg over 29,000 miles of mostly highway driving.

  2. The Ford Focus is so poorly designed I wouldn't have this car if someone gave it to me if you want a car that's going to last you a Ford Focus is is not what you need to buy. I bought this car brand new and six months later the transmission started rattling and hesitating at times the CVT Transmission in these cars is not worth a damn and I have heard a lot of people have had problems with Ford CVT transmission vehicles

  3. Sorry, but any kind of light in the front or rear bumper is insane. Your bill for a minor front or rear collision will be $2000 to $3000. This of course raises car insurance rates up for all of us, even those who don't buy cars with such a ridiculous design. The best thing about this car is the color. Thumbs down for horrible intro music.

  4. I own this car……Don’t buy this car get literally anything else for whatever money you were going to spend on this. I’d take a much older Japanese car over a new one of these every day out of the week given that the cost is the same.

  5. My 12 SEL shifts way better than this one. Even though they had to replace the clutches in January of this year(20) And my steering is nicely weighted i'm not sure what they did for this 18 model. Looks like the car is cheaper made than my 12 SEL.

  6. My buddies have Focus hatchbacks and their in love with them. I absolutely love everything about these cars as well and I hope to get a 2018 Hatchback for my self some time this year.

  7. as the owner of a transmission shop, i can tell you that i had a lot of customers with ford focuses come in with failed transmissions, rebuilding these transmissions is over 10,000 dollars and worse there 0 warranty. so a lot of customers are out of luck when it fails, i fell bad for anyone who buys that car, its a self destructing transmission.

  8. On my hunt, I looked at base manual models on 2017. With discounts it was under $13,000. Not bad at all. With with a used more practical manual Scion XB for even less with low 30k miles, but it was tempting.

  9. I had a 2013 SE… the transmission is horrible, the interior is VERY cheaply made, and the seats aren’t very comfortable for longer trips. However, I averaged 28 mpg in the city and 35-45 mpg on the highway, it handled very well, and I went 140,000 miles without repairs (other than the transmission recall).

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