2017 Ford Focus RS – Driven

We spent a week behind the wheel of the hottest hot-hatch currently hooning over American roads. Check out for more detailed information on the Ford Focus RS.


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  1. I’m fortunate enough to own a 997 Turbo. But I can tell you I would love a Focus RS in Stealth Gray. Just got to convince the wife that it’s a necessity. I’m seeing some clean ones on EBay for less than $30k which isn’t bad.

  2. the RS is not for the person who dislikes the amount of plastic in the dash, or its to stiff a ride, & probably haven't owned an air cooled 911carrera, as they are stiff to. i find that this is the best priced hot hatch on the new or secondhand market straight of the showroom floor with 350hp & awd, drive modes, recaro seats, nav screen etc etc. But get a golf R for an all round DSG hot hatch, or RS3, as THEY'RE GREAT AWD's to as an all rounder or daily driver . But the RS is the bomb for the bucks & fun to drive. I do wonder what the RS would be like with a DSG? Better?, if not more expensive.

  3. They look nice on the road but I don't see a 40k+ car when I look at it, I just don't, but maybe it's just me. A another thing to is, sure you can daily drive this car but those tires are going to wear extremely fast & the car isn't going to get good gas mileage w/ a manual & 350HP. I really like the look & stance of the RS though.

  4. The way a modern FOCUS hatch slides in a tight 160 turn (on or off ramp in Los Angeles) is a dream, it is soooo predictable, controllable, and the acceleration: smooth and just about endless.
    Coupled with the comfort ride of "sitting in a bath tub" (Jeremy Clarkson) this really is the BEST cash for value car, period!

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