10 Spy Gadgets You Can Actually Buy

If you’ve ever watched a James Bond movie you’ve probably wished you could get your hands on some of the amazing and quite frankly insane gadgets that he uses to defeat his enemies. Unfortunately, real life isn’t all cars with machine guns and helicopter chases. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get access to some amazing pieces of technology, here are 10 Spy Gadgets You Can Actually Buy.

10 Spy Gadgets You Can Actually Buy [Links]

10. Sgnl –
9. Skysaver –
8. Zeroi –
7. Hidden Camera Detector –
6. SpySlide –
5. CarLock –
4. Tile –
3. Sammy Screamer –
2. LifeCard –
1. Xenzo S-Ring –

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  1. Some cool stuff but mostly useless for actual spies. A well trained spy can rappel faster with only a rope than any harness. This is more of a cat burglar tool. A well trained spy would rarely ever if ever carry such gadgets because being caught with such things gives the captors irrefutable evidence that (s)he is a spy.
    True spies are taught how to use the mind and whatever else is at hand. Things like turning a newspaper into a bludgeoning weapon in five seconds. .. using a credit card as a slicing weapon or a pen to stab with. … but all that said there's a few things I'd love to have like the hidden camera detector even though a frequency scanner is more reliable. I prefer the quick visible scan with my eyes. Not too often I'd expect to find hidden devices any higher quality than the average ir camera. Tech companies need to step things up and market a product that detects and disables nano bots or devices planted into our bodies. That's going to be the some of the most valuable technology in the coming years especially after forced vaccinations.

  2. 2.00) Since the patrol car had GPD on it, it seems a little redundant to add police.
    4.34) #6 No need to spend all that money on a Spyslide.I put tape over my camera. A roll of black electrical blends in nicely on a black frame. A couple of layers of clear tape blurs the picture. Medical tape is also useful.
    8.23) #2 Was said to use .22 Long Rifle (LR) ammo. For close in, .22 Short would be most likely the best to use in the city. There's also .22 Long. The .22LR could kill, or injure, people at least 100 yards away. In a pistol like this, it would be madness to use .22 Magnum !!!!

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